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April 2017

Jonathan is excited to share the article about him and his work by the Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation: Take it as Your Torch, An Advocate Embraces His Unique Experience

December 2016

Check out Jonathan's television interview on AMI This Week about Jonathan's life as a disabled writer and his book The Cripple's Game: AMI This Week Interview

The Cripple's Game

Debut Novel by Jonathan Birdsall

The Cripple, is a preadolescent demon, summoned from his home realm to replace the soul of a peasant's still born son. While in the world of man, he sets out to educate himself on the ways of exploiting and manipulating others. He discovers humanity to be an inferior people to his way of thinking, leading him to underestimate those he seeks to control.

He sets out to manipulate a nobleman, through convincing him a local tavern maid possesses the ability to transform straw into gold. The Cripple then makes a bargain with that maid to turn the straw into gold on her behalf, in exchange for the things he requires to grow up and return to his realm as an adult demon. His pact with the girl however, may lead to the failing of his efforts and cost The Cripple his way home.

"A unique retelling of a classic fairytale from the less thought about point of view of the original tale." Ali Winters, Author (new window)

The Cripple's Game is available at the following links:



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Paperback Version from Createspace

Jonathan/s second short story, The Heinous Measure appeared in the April 2016 edition of Innersins Magazine.

Jonathan's first short story, A Touch of Wolf's Bane (new window) has been published in the April 2015 issue of Inner sins.

A village herbalist struggles to come to term with her daughter's murder and suffers difficulty in deciding to seek revenge when given a golden opportunity.

Content Warning:

Jonathan Birdsall's writing contains material that may be offensive to some readers.

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