Jonathan Birdsall

About Jonathan Birdsall

Since losing his vision to a rare genetic condition called McCune Albright Syndrome in 1991, Jonathan has been a die hard fan of audio books. His passion for the written/spoken word lead him to a love of writing, public speaking and amateur theatre.

"It was getting signed up to the CNIB library that really showed me how interesting word play and telling stories really could be. Hearing all kinds of different ways to play with words, both through writing them and voice acting really opened a new world to me, and showed me just how much entertainment could be had through telling stories and entertaining other people."

Jonathan has written two short pieces. The first, a poem entitled Evil, was the 1998 winner of the Canadian National Institute of the Blind's Braille Literacy competition. His second short piece, A touch of Wolf's Bane, (new window) due out in Inner Sins webzine on April 1st, 2015. He is also working on his first novel, tentatively entitled "Darkling's Game," the arrival date for which is to be announced.