Jonathan Birdsall

Inspiration for Jonathan's Writing

The world of the unexplained is a vast and fascinating one. Aliens, ghosts, demons, bigfoot and limitless other denizens of the unknown, all haunt our imaginations and nightmares. From the corners of our vision, to the edges of our hearing, to the prickling of our flesh, numerous creatures and events touch our lives every day, in countless ways.

The explorations of these unknown realms are endless, creepy and sometimes even fun. They touch upon all of our emotions and make for great stories around the campfire, or in a dark room late at night. The best stories are those that touch a variety of emotions, from humor, to fear, to discomfort. They also gift us with the opportunity to contemplate various aspects of social and moral issues, such as "eye for an eye," as in "A Touch of Wolf's Bane."

Jonathan loves to write stories that make you think about an issue or group of issues, especially those that may be sensitive or uncomfortable to discuss. These add to the overall emotional play of his writing. As well, he has been fascinated with the limitless possibilities for story telling presented by the world of the unexplained and the qualities of the human experience they reflect.